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Trusted by the industries best, our partners provide sharper product costs to all club members.

Our technologies ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

We’re a team of over 80 people and a leading supplier to the electrical and HVAC industries.

Welcome to Alliance Wholesale, your premier nationwide security distributor.

Lighting importer & distributor to the trade, concentrating on quality and value.

Why club electrical?

We strive to offer the best platform for all electricians. You can trust that you have our support.


Share labour, compare ideas, collaborate and more. We offer great networking tools so you can connect with other electricians.

Group Buying Rates

Group, volume, and material purchases. Compare quotes and suppliers, import products direct and yield benefits with large suppliers.


Self-improvements, staff training, online training programs, up skilling of industry knowledge, and ongoing 1 on 1 support.

No Franchisee Fee

No buy in fees, save money with no added fees, no nominates suppliers, get supplier points and get better group deals.

Join Club Schneider

Free club entry, get involved in events, have opportunities to network with other electricians


Design, quote, job control, order materials, invoice, back cost, profit and loss account, and reports.

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You can signup to become a member for only $xx per month. you can visit our signup page to become a member and seek all of our member benefits.

Want to find out more about what you get with becoming a member? Take a look at our members benefits page to find out more.

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